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The extremely rich have long acquired the reputation for showing off their riches in the form of luxurious super luxury yachts. However it’s not simply those who make up the top of the earnings list who have long appreciated the freedom, excitement and extravagance that a yacht can bring. Many customers turn towards the luxury yacht charter business in order to enjoy the trip of a lifetime. However for a long time the luxury craft business has long been down in the doldrums. The negative impacts of the credit crunch meant that levels of disposable income amongst those who enjoy the yachting life style diminished and the knock on consequences included significantly less business for charters, builders and brokers. Nonetheless while the worldwide economy recovers the yacht business has witnessed an uptick in transactions and charters. The popularity of the high end lifestyle it seems is currently stronger than ever before. The question is – how come so many people see holidays while onboard high-class yachts so desirable and just who might be powering the resurrection in the popularity of the lifestyle?

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The resurgence of the global economy has a lot to do with the rising popularity of holidaying on luxury yachts. Whereas the past decade has seen many high net worth individuals come under increased financial pressure the global economic gloom and doom seems to be a thing of the past. This has powered the increasing numbers of new yachts that are being designed and purchased. Yacht builders are seeing more yachts being ordered and yacht designers are seeing an uptick in business. But this is by no means the whole story. The world is changing and increasing numbers of consumers with larger amounts of disposable income are realising that super yachts and other yacht variants provide an exceptional opportunity to enjoy leisure time far from the pressures of the modern world wrapped in a package of luxury and especially privacy – something that is becoming more and more precious in our increasingly connected world. Many of these consumers are from countries that are rapidly developing such as China and India where a yacht broker, a yacht builder or those who design yacht interiors are seeing more and more business flowing in.

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Of course the traditional locations in the Andaman Sea which include Phuket remain evergreen areas, while the Pacific and Northern Atlantic (where Islands which include Bermuda can be found) remain among the most preferred areas for individuals who desire to take advantage of the pure happiness of life aboard a yacht – whether it be a charter private yacht or a 1 bought for private fun. Other spots including the islands in the Mediterranean or Carribbean continue to attract travellers aboard luxury private yachts in massive numbers. However, even increasing numbers of individuals who select luxury luxury yachts can’t change one simple fact – the seas and oceans provide the chance to get faraway from the crowds and enjoy a life-style unparalleled.

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Firstly there could be absolutely no argument that life aboard a high end luxury boat is one that is characterised by peace and luxury in the finer things in life. The sheer richness of a high-class private yacht interior will transform any vacation into a once in a lifetime experience. Ultra yachts are usually floating palaces with all the modern amenities that you can buy. Whether you enjoy kicking back inside spa having a wine glass of bubbly or enjoying an evening watching satellite tv in a home / yacht theatre or discovering crystal clear waters on your daytime adventure a luxurious private yacht supplies unlimited opportunities.

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From the moment that you step aboard to the moment that you finally drop anchor on the last leg of your voyage your time aboard a luxury yacht is filled with pleasure. Whether it is the fabulous food provided by a world class chef, or diving of the side as the sun settles gently into the far horizon you are guaranteed to be making memories that will last a lifetime. That is a precious promise – and one that many people are today searching for when they purchase a luxury yacht. This is a lifestyle for those who want the best – and will not be satisfied by the ordinary.