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Yacht Charter Rent In Dubai | 34 ft Vessels and Bigger

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With the financial crisis receding into the past the international luxury yacht market is staging a comeback. Whereas the past decade had seen both luxury yacht rentals and purchase come under pressure due to the credit crunch today it is slowly but surely reaching levels last seen in the 1980’s. While many traditional buyers and rental client markets were stagnating (although now recovering) new entrants of both buyers and renters are helping to buoy the market. Increasing levels of affluence among Asian consumers and a new sense of optimism in certain Middle Eastern markets (amongst these Dubai where the property market is an excellent indicator of increased enthusiasm) have meant that large numbers of aspirant buyers are now bringing new excitement to the activities of yacht brokers. Many of these buyers have not been exposed to the yachting lifestyle and also have a desire to explore regions that were previously not part of their leisure and holiday planning. These aspirant buyers (and those who wish to rent yachts) are now ready to explore traditional yachting destinations such as the Caribbean and the Pacific, as well as the immense beauty of destinations closer to home such as the islands that can be found in the Andaman Sea.

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A great number of consumers are from places that are rapidly developing which includes China and India where a broker, a contractor or those who design interiors are seeing more and more business flowing in. In addition powering the increasing success of yacht charter is the fact that formerly untouched areas are opening up to luxury boats. In locations like South-east Asia for example these seacrafts are now plying the waterways off countries such as Vietnam which until quite recently did not feature commercial infrastructure that would service the more expensive super and mega luxury yachts. The increasing amount of infrastructure development and the accessibility to berths now means that not merely the huge boats, but additionally smaller variants that are offered for charter may now explore the wonder and magnificence of these new waters.

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It’s not only the yacht broker who has begun to smile for the first time in years – those involved in yacht design are also beginning to see business pick up rapidly. The increasing numbers of yacht buyers mean that requests for custom hulls, finishing’s and furnishings are increasing on a monthly basis. Yacht designers are seeing requests for all sizes and types of luxury yachts increase. From Mega Yachts and Super Yachts to smaller models sales are steadily creeping upwards. Sales of previously owned yachts are also on the increase. With many yacht owners having to cope with the credit crisis meant having to dispose of non-core assets. Although this is changing those is search of a yacht for sale may find that there are bargains to be had when they’re looking for yachts for sale.

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Those who want to test out the seas and rent a yacht can expect individualized support and spoiling that is challenging, or even unattainable to match on dry land. Entire deck hands are obtainable, which includes world class culinary chefs and personnel who’ll do everything within their ability to be sure that a holiday on a deluxe luxury boat is simply an unforgettable adventure.

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Imagine a life that allows you to explore a world where you are in complete control. With luxury yacht charters or ownership the only limitation is how hard you want to chase the horizon. Visit some of the most luxurious islands in the world and enjoy new cultures and experiences – or set sail for the sunset and drop anchor in a secluded bay. Reserve a berth at a luxury destination or drop anchor in a secluded bay and dive for your dinner which will be prepared by a master chef. The world is your oyster when you make the decision to explore the potential of yacht charter or ownership.