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It seems like only yesterday that the global credit crunch was causing ripples in economies all over the globe. However, it wasn’t only economies that were suffering it was also individuals. Even high net worth individuals were affected. During that economically uncertain time these wealthy individuals were forced to examine the assets that they held, as well as their plans for future investments very carefully. This had knock on effects for those who were offering luxury yachts for sale. Business was down and there was a sense that it wasn’t going to get better anytime soon. However, as we reach the end of the first quarter of 2017 the situation has changed dramatically. The world’s economies are on the road to recovery and the purse strings have been loosened once again.

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The revival within the international financial system has a lot in connection with the increasing popularity of vacationing on luxurious vessels. Whereas the last ten years has witnessed numerous high net worth people fall under elevated financial pressure the worldwide economic gloom and doom looks like it’s a thing of the past. This has powered the growing quantities of new luxury boats that are being created and purchased. Yacht builders are seeing more being bought and designers are seeing an uptick in business. However, this is by no means the whole story. The world is changing and increasing numbers of buyers with greater levels of disposable income are recognising that super yachts along with variants provide an excellent opportunity to enjoy leisure time far from the challenges of the modern world wrapped in a package of luxury and especially privacy – something that is becoming more and more treasured in our increasingly connected world.

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Imagine having the complete freedom to explore the world around you in the lap of luxury where only time and tide dictate the rhythm of your explorations. The horizon is the only guide that you have when you rent a yacht and your days are your own to control. If the mood takes you then you can simply drift with the tides. If on the other hand you want to throw down an anchor and let the sunlight play on the water while you enjoy some of the finest fresh seafood then that is your decision. You can choose to dive into sparkling azure waters and catch your own dinner or rely on the highly skilled onboard crew to find and select the choicest of fresh ingredients for you – there is simply no better way to relax, far from the madding crowd. In fact there is simply an amazing amount of choice when you decide on yacht rental. There are more and more destinations that have thrown open their arms to welcome the increasing numbers of people who are deciding that yacht charter is their chosen way of enjoying leisure time. Countries such as India and Vietnam, as well as the Philippines have signed of on developments that are specifically designed to make yachting a fun and pleasurable experience. New berths and yacht clubs can now be found across the Southeast Asian region – and they are all world class.

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Those that desire to test the seas and rent a luxury boat can anticipate personalised service and spoiling that’s challenging, if not not possible to match on dry land. Complete crews are obtainable, which include world-class chefs and personnel which will do anything within their power to guarantee that a holiday on a luxurious luxury yacht is simply a fantastic adventure.

Luxury Yacht For Sale Located In Dubai

Imagine a life that allows you to explore a world where you are in complete control. With luxury yacht charters or ownership the only limitation is how hard you want to chase the horizon. Visit some of the most luxurious islands in the world and enjoy new cultures and experiences – or set sail for the sunset and drop anchor in a secluded bay. Reserve a berth at a luxury destination or drop anchor in a secluded bay and dive for your dinner which will be prepared by a master chef. The world is your oyster when you make the decision to explore the potential of yacht charter or ownership.