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Yacht Charter Rental 2017 Located Near Dubai | 82 ft Ships and Larger

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The ultra rich have long had a reputation for flaunting their wealth in the form of luxury mega yachts. However it is not only those who make up the very top of the earnings list that have long enjoyed the freedom, excitement and luxury that a yacht can bring. Many consumers turn towards the yacht charter business in order to enjoy the holiday of a lifetime. But for many years the luxury yacht business has been down in the doldrums. The effects of the credit crunch meant that levels of disposable income among those who enjoy the yachting lifestyle decreased and the knock on effects included less business for yacht charter, yacht builders and yacht brokers. However as the global economy recovers the yacht business has seen an uptick in purchases and charters. The popularity of the yachting lifestyle it seems is now stronger than ever. The question is – why do so many people find holidays while aboard luxury yachts so attractive and just who is powering the resurgence in the popularity of the yachting lifestyle?

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A number of these individuals are from places which are rapidly developing such as China and India where a agent, a contractor or those who design interiors are seeing more and more business flowing in. Furthermore powering the growing success of yacht charter is the fact that formerly untouched places are opening up to yachts. Within regions like South east Asia for instance these seacrafts are now plying the waterways off countries like Vietnam that until very recently did not boast commercial infrastructure that could service the bigger super and mega luxury boats. The growing level of infrastructure development and the availability of berths now means that not only the huge vessels, but additionally smaller variants that are available for charter may now explore the beauty and magnificence of these new oceans.

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The attractions of the luxury yacht lifestyle for this new and rising class of consumer who is in the market for used yachts is clear to anyone who has travelled to some of the most beautiful places in the world. Chartering a yacht or buying a superyacht opens up a whole new world for those who want to explore the seas and oceans at their own pace. The yachting lifestyle allows for an exploration of holiday destinations in old favourites such as the Mediterranean or the North Atlantic with absolute freedom. Now only are those on board pampered in absolute luxury, but they are also provided with one of the most scarce resources on the planet – privacy. For many people privacy and the ability to be far from the madding crowd is one of the greatest advantages of the yachting lifestyle. Add to this the ability to set your own agenda and travel according to a schedule that can be changed everyday is the ultimate lifestyle choice. Imagine if you will being able to drop anchor in the shallow waters of a secluded island paradise and looking forward to a five star meal prepared by world class chefs using ingredients sourced locally and the attractiveness of living aboard a superyacht become apparent.

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Those that wish to test the oceans and charter a luxury boat can expect personalized service and pampering which can be very difficult, if not not possible to match on dry land. Entire deck hands are offered, which includes first class culinary experts and staff that will do anything in their capacity to ensure that a vacation on a deluxe private yacht is simply an amazing experience.

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Today those who are looking to purchase a yacht are eager to explore brand new places. Just as the Mediterranean and the Indian Ocean challenged people to explore and discover throughout history today a whole new breed of explorers is opening up other oceans and seas to provide an opportunity to explore even more mysterious and fascinating lands. From the most beautiful islands off the coast of Vietnam to the ancient Black Sea ports and even further afield off the coast of Africa people who have purchased yachts are the modern day equivalent of the explorers of old – with one major exception. Rather than surviving on stale ships biscuit and a small measure of rum each day they are now exploring in the lap of luxury. These explorers have a crew of dedicated and sea wise people who are willing and able to fulfil their every wish. If it is fresh seafood caught in pristine waters they will provide, if it is something as simple as a cool drink or a snack they will be on hand.