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Yacht Deals Close To Dubai | 58 ft Crafts and Larger

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With the financial crisis receding into the past the international luxury yacht market is staging a comeback. Whereas the past decade had seen both luxury yacht rentals and purchase come under pressure due to the credit crunch today it is slowly but surely reaching levels last seen in the 1980’s. While many traditional buyers and rental client markets were stagnating (although now recovering) new entrants of both buyers and renters are helping to buoy the market. Increasing levels of affluence among Asian consumers and a new sense of optimism in certain Middle Eastern markets (amongst these Dubai where the property market is an excellent indicator of increased enthusiasm) have meant that large numbers of aspirant buyers are now bringing new excitement to the activities of yacht brokers. Many of these buyers have not been exposed to the yachting lifestyle and also have a desire to explore regions that were previously not part of their leisure and holiday planning. These aspirant buyers (and those who wish to rent yachts) are now ready to explore traditional yachting destinations such as the Caribbean and the Pacific, as well as the immense beauty of destinations closer to home such as the islands that can be found in the Andaman Sea.

Yacht Sales Close To Dubai

A number of these people are from places that are rapidly developing such as China and India where a broker, a builder or those who design interiors are seeing a lot more business flowing in. Also powering the increasing success of yacht charter is the fact that previously unexplored places are opening up to luxury boats. In areas like South-east Asian countries for instance these seacrafts are now plying the waterways off countries like Vietnam that until very recently did not feature infrastructure which could service the larger super and mega luxury yachts. The increasing amount of infrastructure advancement and also the accessibility to berths now means that not just the mega boats, but in addition smaller variants that are available for hire may now discover the wonder and elegance of these new oceans.

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Today the opportunities to take in some of the most scenic and magnificent natural beauty in the world by chartering a luxury yacht are almost too many too mention. Those who want to explore the traditional sights and sounds of yachting destinations that have stood the test of time can still set their sights on destinations such as The Thai Islands or the Mediterranean. These destinations boast incredible infrastructure and have been favourites with those who make yacht charter their chosen way to travel and explore. Exceptional berthing locations and top class service while either on board or visiting the islands or mainland are the order of the day. If you want to rub shoulders with the rich and famous chartering a yacht to a destination like the South of France is just what the doctor ordered.

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Firstly there can be absolutely no debate that life onboard a high end luxury boat is one that’s characterised by peace and indulgence in the better things in life. The sheer richness of a high end yacht interior will change any vacation into a once a lifetime experience. Ultra luxury yachts tend to be sailing palaces with all the current present day luxuries that money can buy. Whether you take pleasure in kicking back inside a hot tub with a wine glass of champagne or perhaps relishing an evening enjoying satellite television in the home / yacht theatre or checking out crystal clear seas on your day time trip a high-end luxury yacht offers limitless opportunities.

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Today those who are looking to purchase a yacht are eager to explore brand new places. Just as the Mediterranean and the Indian Ocean challenged people to explore and discover throughout history today a whole new breed of explorers is opening up other oceans and seas to provide an opportunity to explore even more mysterious and fascinating lands. From the most beautiful islands off the coast of Vietnam to the ancient Black Sea ports and even further afield off the coast of Africa people who have purchased yachts are the modern day equivalent of the explorers of old – with one major exception. Rather than surviving on stale ships biscuit and a small measure of rum each day they are now exploring in the lap of luxury. These explorers have a crew of dedicated and sea wise people who are willing and able to fulfil their every wish. If it is fresh seafood caught in pristine waters they will provide, if it is something as simple as a cool drink or a snack they will be on hand.