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Yacht Charter Service Providers Near Dubai | 164 ft Cruisers and Larger

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The ultra rich have long had a reputation for flaunting their wealth in the form of luxury mega yachts. However it is not only those who make up the very top of the earnings list that have long enjoyed the freedom, excitement and luxury that a yacht can bring. Many consumers turn towards the yacht charter business in order to enjoy the holiday of a lifetime. But for many years the luxury yacht business has been down in the doldrums. The effects of the credit crunch meant that levels of disposable income among those who enjoy the yachting lifestyle decreased and the knock on effects included less business for yacht charter, yacht builders and yacht brokers. However as the global economy recovers the yacht business has seen an uptick in purchases and charters. The popularity of the yachting lifestyle it seems is now stronger than ever. The question is – why do so many people find holidays while aboard luxury yachts so attractive and just who is powering the resurgence in the popularity of the yachting lifestyle?

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A great number of customers are from countries that are rapidly developing that include China and India where a agent, a builder or people who design interiors are seeing a lot more business flowing in. In addition powering the growing success of yacht charter is the fact that previously untouched locations are opening up to luxury boats. In regions like South-east Asian countries for instance these seacrafts are now plying the waterways off countries like Vietnam that until very recently did not feature infrastructure that would support the more expensive super and mega yachts. The growing level of infrastructure development and the accessibility to berths now means that not just the super boats, but additionally smaller variants that exist for hire may now explore the wonder and magnificence of these new waters.

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Today the opportunities to take in some of the most scenic and magnificent natural beauty in the world by chartering a luxury yacht are almost too many too mention. Those who want to explore the traditional sights and sounds of yachting destinations that have stood the test of time can still set their sights on destinations such as The Thai Islands or the Mediterranean. These destinations boast incredible infrastructure and have been favourites with those who make yacht charter their chosen way to travel and explore. Exceptional berthing locations and top class service while either on board or visiting the islands or mainland are the order of the day. If you want to rub shoulders with the rich and famous chartering a yacht to a destination like the South of France is just what the doctor ordered.

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However, for those who want to venture off the beaten track there are now numerous options around regions that are only now opening their arms to a new breed of yacht charter aficionados. Destinations such as the islands off Vietnam or other Southeast or Asian locations now reward the avid explorer with new experiences and brand new infrastructure that can today be compared with the best that the world has to offer. These countries in this fascinating region are fast gaining a reputation for unspoiled natural beauty and friendly people. This is attracting more and more yacht charter operators to the potential of new markets. This is especially important due to the increasing spending power of consumers from countries such as India and China. For generations only the very top earners in these countries would have the ability to spend on a yacht charter – however today increasing levels of affluence have changed that picture.

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Visualize a lifestyle that permits you to experience a world where you are in total control. With the help of high-class yacht charters or ownership the only restriction is how hard you wish to pursue the horizon. Check out many of the most luxurious island destinations on the planet and take pleasure in new customs and encounters – or even sail for the sunset and drop anchor in a quiet bay. Book a berth at a high class vacation spot or drop anchor in a quiet bay and dive for your own supper which will be served by an expert cook. The entire world is your oyster once you choose to explore the opportunity of yacht hire or ownership.