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The improving state of the global economy is good news for both consumers and those who want to at last throw off the worries of the credit crunch and global economic downturn that not so long ago was the cause of gloom and doom. One of the reasons that yacht rental is becoming an increasingly popular way of enjoying stress free leisure time is that there is simply more money available for wealthy individuals for yacht charter. Luxury travel is now within the reach of more and more people and they are voting with their feet – specifically using those feet to rent a yacht and board for the holiday of a lifetime. This sort of vacation is increasingly popular with people from countries in Asia and Southeast Asia where levels of disposable income have been growing steadily. Chinese consumers for instance have seen the amount of money that they have to spend steadily increase over the past decades and these newly wealthy consumers are attracted to the freedom and relaxation that is part and parcel of the yachting lifestyle.

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It’s not so long ago that the world experienced a credit crunch and global fiscal crisis that has been characterised as one of the worst global crisis in history. Stock markets fell and those who had formerly enjoyed incomes in the top 10% of the world’s population came under enormous pressure to cut back on some of the their investments. For many of this mega rich one of the investments that they had in their portfolio was a yacht. Others they were actively investigating yacht sales. So obviously in that sort of fiscal environment yacht sales plummeted. However – the world has moved on from there and today yacht sales are reaching levels that the industry enjoyed in the mid 80’s.

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It’s not only the yacht broker who has begun to smile for the first time in years – those involved in yacht design are also beginning to see business pick up rapidly. The increasing numbers of yacht buyers mean that requests for custom hulls, finishing’s and furnishings are increasing on a monthly basis. Yacht designers are seeing requests for all sizes and types of luxury yachts increase. From Mega Yachts and Super Yachts to smaller models sales are steadily creeping upwards. Sales of previously owned yachts are also on the increase. With many yacht owners having to cope with the credit crisis meant having to dispose of non-core assets. Although this is changing those is search of a yacht for sale may find that there are bargains to be had when they’re looking for yachts for sale.

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Those that want to test the waters and rent a yacht can anticipate personalised services and spoiling that’s challenging, if not not possible to equal on dry land. Entire crews can be found, which include top class culinary chefs and employees that will try everything within their capability to be certain that a holiday vacation on a high-end luxury yacht is simply an amazing adventure.

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Imagine a lifestyle that permits you to explore a world where you are in complete control. Using luxury yacht boat charters or ownership really the only limit is how hard you desire to pursue the horizon. Go to some of the most gorgeous isles on the planet and appreciate new customs and experiences – or even set sail for the sunset and drop anchor inside a private bay. Reserve a berth at a luxury vacation spot or drop anchor inside a remote bay and plunge for one’s evening meal that will be cooked by a master gourmet chef. The entire world is your oyster as soon as you make the decision to explore the possibilities of yacht rental or ownership.